Package net.beadsproject.beads.ugens

Provides a set of useful UGens.


Class Summary
Add Adds two UGen outputs together.
Breakbeat A UGen that plays back a Sample using GranularSamplePlayer such that the Sample's playback rate is controlled by an envelope that also controls the rate of a Clock.
Clicker A very simple UGen that generates one click and then kills itself.
Clock A sample rate Clock.
DelayLine A DelayLine causes an audio delay on a signal.
DelayTrigger A DelayTrigger waits for a specified duration and then notifies a receiver.
Envelope An Envelope generates a sequence of timed transitions (segments) between values as an audio signal.
Filter A basic Filter thingamyjig.
Function Function is an abstract class which can be quickly subclassed to make a custom UGen on the fly.
Gain Gain modifies the gain of a multi-channel audio signal.
GranularSamplePlayer GranularSamplePlayer plays back a Sample using granular synthesis.
MonoPlug MonoPlug performs the simple task of channelling a single output from a multi-channel UGen.
Mult Mult multiplies two UGens together.
Noise Noise generates white noise.
OscillatorBank An OscillatorBank sums the output of a set of oscillators with assignable frequencies and amplitudes.
PanMonoToStereo PanMonoToStereo pans a mono source between stereo channels.
PanStereoToStereo PanStereoToStereo pans a stereo source between two stereo channels.
RangeLimiter RangeLimiter forces a signal within the range [-1,1].
Recorder Recorder records audio into a Sample.
RTInput RTInput gathers audio from an audio input device.
SamplePlayer SamplePlayer plays back a Sample.
ScalingMixer ScalingMixer scales the gain of the signal at each input by the number of UGens connected to that input, passing the scaled signal to the corresponding output.
Static Static represents a UGen with a fixed value.
WavePlayer WavePlayer iterates over wave data stored in a Buffer.

Enum Summary
SamplePlayer.InterpolationType The Enum InterpolationType.
SamplePlayer.LoopType The Enum LoopType.

Package net.beadsproject.beads.ugens Description

Provides a set of useful UGens.