Class PanMonoToStereo

  extended by net.beadsproject.beads.core.Bead
      extended by net.beadsproject.beads.core.UGen
          extended by net.beadsproject.beads.ugens.PanMonoToStereo

public class PanMonoToStereo
extends UGen

PanMonoToStereo pans a mono source between stereo channels.


Field Summary
Fields inherited from class net.beadsproject.beads.core.UGen
bufferSize, bufIn, bufOut, context, ins, outs
Constructor Summary
PanMonoToStereo(AudioContext context)
          Instantiates a new PanMonoToStereo with default Static centre panned envelope.
PanMonoToStereo(AudioContext context, UGen panEnvelope)
          Instantiates a new PanMonoToStereo.
Method Summary
 void calculateBuffer()
          Called by the signal chain to update this UGen's ouput data.
 UGen getPanEnvelope()
          Gets the pan envelope.
 void setPanEnvelope(UGen panEnvelope)
          Sets the pan envelope.
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Constructor Detail


public PanMonoToStereo(AudioContext context)
Instantiates a new PanMonoToStereo with default Static centre panned envelope.

context - the AudioContext.


public PanMonoToStereo(AudioContext context,
                       UGen panEnvelope)
Instantiates a new PanMonoToStereo.

context - the AudioContext
panEnvelope - the pan envelope.
Method Detail


public void setPanEnvelope(UGen panEnvelope)
Sets the pan envelope.

panEnvelope - the new pan envelope.


public UGen getPanEnvelope()
Gets the pan envelope.

the pan envelope.


public void calculateBuffer()
Description copied from class: UGen
Called by the signal chain to update this UGen's ouput data. Subclassses of UGen should implement the UGen's DSP perform routine here. In general this involves grabbing data from UGen.bufIn and putting data into UGen.bufOut in some way. UGen.bufIn and UGen.bufOut are 2D arrays of floats of the form float[numChannels][bufferSize]. The length of the buffers is given by UGen.bufferSize, and the number of channels of the input and output buffers are given by UGen.ins and UGen.outs respectively.

Specified by:
calculateBuffer in class UGen